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The Learning Curve

Mougins School: The Launchpad: Prepare and Propel
Zara Lou McGrath

We’re excited to announce the Launchpad as the rebranded Early Years area! The Launchpad at Mougins School aims to provide high-quality care and teaching for young children as they embark on their educational journey. 


Stimulating, creative, and cheerful atmosphere 

In the new Launchpad, Mougins School will provide a stimulating, creative, and cheerful atmosphere in which each child may reach their full potential during this formative period of their life, while also encouraging a love of learning. Our setting's objective is also to give a positive start into our School and to create strong relationships with parents and children to facilitate a seamless transition into the Primary School.

The Launchpad will provide a critical moment in a child's educational life since it ensures school "readiness" while also paving the road for future learning and achievement. Children's early years should be cheerful, energetic, interesting, entertaining, and secure in order to support their development, care, and learning requirements!

Our curriculum is based on the Early Years Framework, which outlines the skills and information that young children should have by the age of five before moving on to KS1. These abilities are practised through a variety of methods, and no curriculum theme will be repeated whether a child begins in The Launchpad as a rising 3, at age 3, or at age 4. 

Benefits of the Launchpad

The benefits of this new centre are that pupils will have opportunities to learn more from one another as they integrate with children of different ages and stages of development and Early Years practitioners will also be able to work with small groups of children making it possible to focus on their needs and next steps.

All our positive and successful practices continue with the added enhancement of children being able to engage in activities that are relevant to their stage of development and language acquisition in one integrated unit.

The Launchpad will prepare and propel our students into educational excellence! We can’t wait to welcome students into the Launchpad in September!

For those of you who are joining us, we have a taster morning next Thursday 23rd June where you can bring your children and leave them in the classroom whilst you have a coffee with some of our PTA members.




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