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The Learning Curve

Mougins School: The Primary Leadership Team
  • Primary Matters
Christine Bearman

Who are we?

As individuals…

Mrs Bearman is the Head of Primary School a role that she has held for 10 years having moved from the UK where she was Head of Primary School and taught across all the Key Stages.

Mrs Moon is the Deputy Head of Primary with responsibility for The LaunchPad. She joined the school  in 2019 having moved from the UK where she was Head of Early Years, taught across KS1 and led curriculum areas from age 3-11.

Mrs Coverdale is the Head of Key Stage 1+ and a teacher in Year 1. She arrived at the school in 2020 during lockdown and spent her first weeks teaching online. She has previously taught across KS1 in the UK as well as Maternelle in France.

Miss MacPherson is the Head of Key Stage 2 and teacher in Year 5. She has recently moved to the area from Spain where she taught across KS1/2 and prior to that worked in Scotland in EYFS.

As a team…
Between us we have in excess of 40 years experience of teaching and leadership and strive to keep adding to our knowledge and skills. We enjoy working together with talented staff to make the Primary School here at Mougins a place of excellence in all four of its core values.

What do we do?

We work to implement improvements identified in the wider school’s strategic plan. Following discussions with the Senior Leadership Team and staff across both the Primary and Secondary schools, we seek to lead changes and make enhancements to structures and practices.

What are we working on at the moment?

Developing parent information sessions
This term we held the first of our sessions, Developing Reading Skills, where we shared how we teach reading at school and gave ideas of how parents can help in the process of nurturing independent learners with a love of reading. We hope the parents who attended found it as helpful as we did hearing your questions and the challenges you face.
Please let us know of other subject areas you would like us to run a session on. We have handwriting/presentation in mind for the new year and also Maths across the Key Stages. Keep a lookout on The Learning Curve for dates and times of upcoming sessions.

Assessment practices 
As a staff across the whole school, we are looking at practices and processes for both formative and summative assessment of children’s learning. The primary leadership team is considering how this should  look in practice amongst our year groups and work with teachers to develop consistency and efficiency in tracking children’s progress and making interventions. There will be much talk of this during the coming months and we will keep you up to date with developments and what this means for your children and you as parents. 

Following our development of IT across the school and each child from Year 6 onwards using their own laptop, we have a suite of laptops available for use across the primary year groups. We look at the IT curriculum and decide how best our equipment may be used to support learning.

How to contact us:

Please do contact us if you have any questions. Our email addresses are as follows:

Christine Bearman

Head of Primary

  • Primary