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Children Thriving in Routine and Learning
  • Primary Matters
Christine BEARMAN

It’s been wonderful to see that after two weeks children are really well settled back into their routines. As I walk around the classes it is lovely to see the focus, enjoyment and friendships in each room.

During the first week back each year group held their curriculum meetings for the parents. We had so many lovely comments about these and how useful they were. We have  also been given feedback suggesting that other opportunities for us to share more detailed information about what and how we teach would be greatly appreciated.

With this in mind the Primary Leadership team are working on a presentation that will provide more information about the English National Curriculum and how we use this as a basis for our planning. We will also discuss deeper insights into our teaching approaches and what parents can do to support their children at home. 

We have been speaking with the PTA and would like to combine this presentation with our Autumn celebration and the first Happy Friday that they have organised for October. Please keep an eye out for all of the information to follow.

In these first weeks all of our children have been working on their Class Charter. This reflects their promise as a class in how they want to work and  support each other.

Our Positive Education lessons that focus on physical, social and  health education have a whole school themed approach. Our theme for this first term is “Being Me in My World" and is typically focused on helping the children to develop a sense of self-awareness, empathy, and a connection to the world around them. We aim to promote a positive self-identity and understanding of their role in our community and the broader world. 

The class charters are first discussions that lead into continued work on kindness, respect and support. The children have shown through their words and actions that they know what our values look and sound like and have created statements that represent Respect, Learning, Integrity and Community. These are displayed in the classroom and referred to constantly throughout the year. 

Here are a few examples of our class charters.

Children Thriving in Routine and Learning

  • Primary