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Mougins School's Eco-Friendly Winter Wonderland
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Valentina Deidda

At Mougins School, our commitment to making a positive impact on the environment is woven into the fabric of everything we do. This year, our passion for sustainability takes centre stage as we embark on a remarkable journey to create an eco-friendly Winter wonderland in conjunction with our Primary Winter Concert. 

The Vision for an Eco-Friendly Celebration

At Mougins School, our ambition is to integrate our Eco-School programme into all our projects, ensuring that sustainability is not just a goal but a way of life. As we eagerly anticipate the holiday season, our community has come together with the shared goal of organising a Winter Wonderland that not only dazzles but also respects our planet.

Collaborative Planning for a Greener Winter Concert

The heart of our eco-friendly initiative lies in the collaborative efforts of our PTA, Student Council, and dedicated staff. Together, we've decided to take our Winter Concert outdoors, using our fantastic courtyard to save energy. The decorations for this festive occasion will be crafted with love and care, using recycled materials to minimise our environmental footprint.

Paper Cup Collection Drive

Our journey towards sustainability began with a simple (yet impactful) step, collecting paper cups distributed on Fridays for hot chocolate during break time. Both primary and secondary students joined forces, demonstrating the power of collaboration and environmental responsibility. By repurposing these cups, we're not only reducing waste but also creating beautiful and unique decorations for our Winter Wonderland.

The second step in our eco-friendly initiative involves the children in creating Winter decorations. This hands-on approach ensures that our decorations are not only environmentally friendly but also a testament to the creativity and unity of our school community. The courtyard will be transformed into a magical space, with decorations made with recycled materials.

To complete our commitment to a green celebration, all the presents sold in our winter market will be wrapped in recycled wrapping paper. This small but impactful decision reflects our dedication to reducing waste and promoting a more sustainable approach to gift-giving during the holiday season.

At Mougins School, our eco-friendly Winter Wonderland is more than just a festive celebration—it's a testament to our commitment to sustainability. Through the collaborative efforts of our community, we aim to inspire others to embrace environmentally conscious practices during the holiday season and beyond. As we celebrate the joy of the season, let us also celebrate our responsibility to care for and protect the planet we call home.

Valentina Deidda
Music Teacher and Primary Eco-schools coordinator


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